Apple AR: Tim Cook on Improving Conversations with Augmented Reality "Charts & Other Things"

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Military VR? Microsoft signs $22 billion contract with US Army

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Facebook's New AR Wrist-Interface Literally Reads Your Mind

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New clip shows the passthrough AR system of the upcoming LYNX-R1

A new clip showing the passthrough AR system of the LYNX-R1 MR headset, shows the possible future of VR. A short through-the-lens clip gives us a sneak preview of the new enterprise focused hardware.…

Microsoft Launches the 'HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition', A Beefed Up MR Headset For Regulated Environments

Microsoft's popular and industry-leading HoloLens 2 mixed reality (MR) headset is now to see an Industrial Edition safe for use in controlled environments.…

Guest Post: VR shooter from company VIRTUACTIONS on the Oculus Quest 2

VR Arenas with free-roam laser tag are already here.…

Now You Can Play The New York Times' Crossword Puzzles In AR

Feeling too good about yourself? The New York Time's Shattered Crosswords puzzle is now available in AR, and you can access it straight from Instagram.…

UK Train drivers get a chance to check out new train designs in VR

UK Metro train drivers are getting a chance to check out plans for their new trains in VR.…

The Mandalorian AR Experience is out now on Android

The Mandalorian is one heck of a show. Now you can get closer than ever to the action with The Mandalorian AR Experience, out now on Android Devices.…