Apple AR: Tim Cook on Improving Conversations with Augmented Reality "Charts & Other Things"

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Apple AR Glasses Patent Application Reveals 3D Document Editor

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Patent Approved for Apple's Tracked VR Glove

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Corning announces Pixelligent partnership, to develop Next Gen VR Optics

Corning Incorporated, the creators of the damage resistant "Gorilla Glass," have today announced a "strategic agreement" with Pixelligent Technologies.…

Apple's iPhone 12 Pro to have LiDAR Scanner for "Instant AR" capabilities

Apple announced today that it's newly touted iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with a LiDAR scanner.…

Apple’s New Patents; an indication of entry into the VR and AR space

Information about Apple’s plans to break into the Virtual Reality (VR)and Augmented Reality (AR) space is by no means a secret anymore. The five new patent applications that…

Apple buys Spaces, doubling down on VR

Apple purchased ANOTHER start-up this week, upping its stake in the future of VR.…

New Apple VR Technology Aims To Help Users Avoid Physical Objects

There's plenty of rumors that Apple is working on its own VR solution following the tech giant's recent filing of a patent for an Apple VR boundary system. While this…