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Major savings in the first Quest App Lab game bundle

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SideQuest comes to Android: Sideload your favourite apps without a PC!

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The Last Shark Launches on App Lab: Shark-pocalypse Now

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Pavlov Shack Overview

Now that Pavlov Shack is finally on the App Lab, we figured it was time to give all of you so info on what you are missing out on.…

New Gorilla Tag map Canyon is now available in Beta

With the release of the new Canyon map, there is a brand new map to test out your running, jumping, and climbing skills.…

Pavlov Shack launches on App Lab and the developers announce their plans for the future

The Pavlov Shack Beta has finally launched on the Oculus App Lab and with it more news about the game.…

Synth Riders DEMO, Freestyle Dance VR Rhythm Game, Out Now On App Lab

A free demo for Kluge Interactive's addictive freestyle dance VR rhythm game is available now through App Lab.…

Facebook adds new games to their App Lab

Popular indie titles like Gorilla Tag, OceanCraft, and Warplanes: WW1 Fighters are now available through Facebook’s experimental app store, the App Lab.…

Guardians VR: Can't Decide Between FPS or RTS? Try This FPS RTS Hyrbid

The new game from VirtualAge mixes RTS and FPS elements in an innovative VR multi-player experience. Guardians is out now for PCVR & Quest via SideQuest.…