System Shock VR? It looks like System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will get VR support

System Shock VR? It looks like System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will get VR support

One of the best early Immersive Sim games, System Shock 2, looks like it will be receiving VR support when the new edition releases.

The Enhanced Edition was announced in 2019 when noted game development house and classic game revivers Nightdive Studios took over the System Shock IP. A video of the game was posted on the developers Twitter account showing a work in progress look at the game.

It was clearly a tongue in cheek tweet, but it does show someone use a Valve Index controller to manipulate a wrench. They use it to destroy environmental objects like glass windows and barriers as well as smash a monkey.

This is the first time the company has shown any sort of VR support for the title and boy are we excited. Nightdive Studios are a fantastic resource for maintaining old games that have fallen out of circulation and if they keep improving on tittles like this, they will quickly earn a lot of support from the retro games community.

The developers are also creating a fully remastered and remade version of the original System Shock and if, like me, you have been following along with bated breath you know that development has been rocky to say the least. They have not announced any sort of VR support but if it is being developed for the enhanced edition it could certainly be in the pipeline for the remake.

There isn’t much more info available besides this recent tweet. We don’t know when the game will be released or on what platforms it will be available when it does release. Considering we saw the game being played on a Valve Index it is safe to assume that it will be on Steam, but the relatively low spec required for the base version of System Shock 2 could mean that we might see the game on the Oculus Quest 2. Of course, most of this is simply speculation (or maybe just wishful thinking) but it looks like the company will be posting updates in the near future. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for some more updates.


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Andrew Boggs

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