Swarm VR is out now and the developers have promised that there is no motion sickness

Swarm VR is out now and the developers have promised that there is no motion sickness

Swarm, the single player grappling hook shooter has officially launched on the Oculus store. If you were lucky enough to try the game out in beta before it released, you would have found a fantastic VR shooter with some of the best motion controls out there.

The game has already launched on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift platforms. The Steam version of the game has been pushed back until the summer. The developers of the game, Greensky Games, have partnered with Oculus to bring the title to the Oculus suite of headsets first with cross-buy support. Swarm will offer 21 levels and 5 dynamic zones that you will swing around in with your grappling hook to defeat your enemies.

For a game that promises fast-paced grappling hook gameplay, you would be forgiven for assuming that you might feel a little sick after playing. However, the developers have announced that the game does not cause motion sickness. Having tried out the game for a few hours, I would have to agree with the developers, there is absolutely no motion sickness in this shooter.

In a Reddit thread about the game, one of the developers, Jdconnel, wrote:

“Yeah, I know the motion looks insane, but we've been testing SWARM for months. Hundreds of people have tried this, we recruited lots of people who self-identified as getting motion sickness, and none of them have gotten it.”

This seems to have been confirmed by another Reddit user, domzae, a beta tester of the game, who wrote in another thread:

“I also got to play test it last year and had the same experience. Not having any motion sickness and being able to accurately fire ropes out of sight of the quest's cameras were huge surprises. The art style isn't really my jam but the flow of the gameplay was good enough to be able to see past that!”


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Andrew Boggs

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