Stress Level Zero's 'Project 4' for PSVR 2? Boneworks Dev 90% Sure

Stress Level Zero's 'Project 4' for PSVR 2? Boneworks Dev 90% Sure

Very little is known as Stress Level Zero's follow-up to Boneworks, provisionally known as 'Project 4', except that it'll release on Steam VR and Oculus Quest.

But we may have the first hints that it could also release on PSVR 2, if Stress Level Zero's Brandon J Laatsch's Twitter account is anything to go by.

Very little is known as Stress Level Zero's follow-up to Boneworks, but we may have just seen the first hints that it'll be coming to PlayStation VR 2. PSVR.
The second piece of concept art for Project 4. The cover photo for this article is the first. (Credit: Stress Level Zero... supposedly.)

One month ago today, Sony unveiled their Next-Gen PSVR system for the first time. That means for one month I've sat at my desk, pinching my arm and wondering if it was all just one long fever dream.

By far, one of my favourite studios working in Virtual Reality (VR) right now is Stress Level Zero. Duck Season and Boneworks are two of the most unique VR titled I've ever played, so you'd best believe I'm buzzed for whatever Stress Level Zero have up their sleeves next.

We don't know much about the so-called 'Project 4', the follow up to Hover Junkers and SZL's subsequent two masterpieces, except that it'll be out on Steam VR and Oculus Quest. There was a rumour that it'd be a Quest Exclusive for a while, but then the studio put that to bed: saying they will "put it anywhere we can."

One of those 'anywheres' may be PSVR 2, Sony's Next-Gen follow-up to the biggest Console VR system on the market. Well, at least that's the impression we got from Stress Level Zero's Brandon J Laatsch on Twitter last week.

Okay, let me rephrase that: maybe we have a 90% chance of seeing 'Project 4' on PSVR. Regardless, that can only be good news. There are a couple of top PC games that never made it to PSVR an account of limitations associated with the Move Controllers. Laatsch later noted that "PS5 is already above the min spec PC that delivers a good time in Boneworks. The SSD is a godsend too."

That being said, they still "need to get our hands on to make the call." But considering that Jim Ryan claimed late last month that Developer Kits "are about to go out", let's hope it won't be too long.

Another great game? The Exorcist: Legion VR. And lucky for us, we've just received a new update which improves graphics and bumps up the refresh rate.


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