SteamVR 1.15 Update: Half-Life Controller Binding Fix, Index Mic Feedback, and more.

SteamVR 1.15 Update: Half-Life Controller Binding Fix, Index Mic Feedback, and more.

Valve have just produced a major update for their virtual reality SteamVR platform. Don't want to wade through the patch notes? Don't worry, we've got you.

Valve released an update to SteamVR this week, known as version 1.15. This is just the culmination of a few weeks of demo versions, so if you've been keeping up with beta releases, you might not notice much new.

Here are the main beats from the Valve update notes:

The SteamVR 1.15 update makes changes to the 'automatic render resolution feature', now taking into account how much dedicated GPU memory is available, as well as other aspect of your PC's power.

The update also allows for Valve Index users to easily toggle microphone monitoring, which plays audio picked up by your mic back through your speakers. This will be massive pro for those with insulated headphones, as well as a massive quality of life improvement for those who capture their gameplay.

However, probably the headline improvement from the 1.15 update is a fix for Reverb G2 players which made Half-Life: Alyx unplayable. The issue related to changing the 'Weapon Hand' setting to left, affecting mostly those left handed users who were lucky enough to pick up the new headset. Just in time, considering Half-Life: Alyx was just crowned Game of the Year and just received 3 hours of in-game Dev Commentary.

Past this, Valve mostly just made a few cosmetic changes and fixed a few bugs. For instance, the Reverb G2 model on the SteamVR home has been updated to match the final version being shipped and fixed the "jittery head pose tracking issue" facing many Oculus users.

Thank us later, we've just saved you at least five minutes of your precious time. But if you're not content with my ability to cover everything, the full update notes can be found here.


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