'Star Wars: Squadrons' Still On Sale for $16.99

'Star Wars: Squadrons' Still On Sale for $16.99

If you have any money left after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we've got one more deal for you. Star Wars: Squadrons is currently still on sale - and it's a steal.

My wallet has taken a major hit this weekend. So, I really shouldn't be looking for more deals. But I'll make one last exception here, to let you know that Star Wars: Squadrons has had its price slashed across the board.

For PS4, Amazon is listing Star Wars: Squadrons for just $16.99 (more than half off the $39.99 list price). Don't worry, the PS4 version features full PSVR compatibility.

Amazon is also listing the PC Online Game Code for $23.99 for both Origin and Steam. This seems to match what the Steam Store is listing it for, so unfortunately it doesn't look like you'll hit much of a further discount by shopping around.

Released in early October, Star Wars: Squadrons has been making some waves but was hit with mixed reviews, largely as a result of what critics perceived to be a disappointing campaign mode.

You might be wanting to get your hands on the game for the breath-taking VR support, though. Players have the option to completely immerse themselves in their cockpit by removing the HUD entirely and operating their spacecraft solely by harnessing visual instruments on the control panel in front. For more information, check out our everything you need to know about the game.

Although this feature has been praised, sadly Star Wars: Squadrons doesn't have universal VR compatibility. PC users will be glad to hear that the game supports Index, Vive, WMR, Rift S and the Rift, as well as the Quest and Quest 2 through the USB-3 link cable. But sadly the game doesn't support motion controls. Instead, you'll be forced to use either keyboard & mouse, a gamepad or a select list of flight sticks. RoadToVR has published a full list of supported peripherals, available here.

That's not the only Black Friday weekend deal still going, either. If you can afford the investment, the HTC Vive Cosmos & Cosmos Elite headsets still have $100 off on the Microsoft Store.


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