Spider-Man VR, Pretty Much - Yupitergrad Coming to PSVR Next Week

Spider-Man VR, Pretty Much - Yupitergrad Coming to PSVR Next Week

It may not be Spider Man VR, but when it comes to virtual swinging it's pretty damn close.

VR Platformer Yupitergrad is coming to PlayStation VR next week.

We're all looking for a fantastic VR swinging simulator, right? Essentially the next best thing to a full-blown Spider Man VR?

When Spider Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality launched alongside the eponymous film in 2019, it was enough to scratch that itch for a while. The Oculus and Steam-exclusive VR experience was received pretty well received by fans - especially since it cost a grand total of only 0$ USD.

But Spider Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality's swinging mechanics left something to be desired. Instead of momentum-based swinging, we were more or less left with web-grabbing and web-pulling.

Then, the brilliant Tarzan VR got us a few steps closer - with a intuitive swinging mechanic that made flying through the jungle smooth and exhilarating. And now we're travelling a few steps closer still: the hilarious Yupitergrad VR is swinging over to PSVR starting next week.

Yupitergrad is essentially a VR platformer, boosting you around an industrial, deasil-punk in space space station. To do so, you'll take full advantage of grappling hooks and spatial boosters, "zapping off ledges and walls", and embodying a cell-shaded, web-less Spider Man VR in space.

In a rush, you could run through the 50 "tight-packed" levels the game has to offer in around 2 hours. However, there's a lot more to levels if you take a moment to really explore the crazy platforming stunts, riddles & spatial puzzles, the hilarious "Slavik" humour & story that ties the game together, and the Time Attack Mode: which allows you to complete arcade-style levels to rank on leader boards.

Even though there are no webs to tie-up villains or swing from, but Yupitergrad may have the best swinging mechanics we've seen in VR so far. Best of all, the game is designed with an innovative control scheme, specifically implemented to minimise motion sickness as you fly throughout the facility.

Yupitergrad will launch sometime next week on PSVR. Are you excited to give this one a whirl? It may not be the next best Spider Man VR - but it's pretty close. Let us know in the comments below.

...and this is only the second best news we've had today. Have you heard of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update that released today?


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