Sony Patent Hints at Next-Gen PSVR Controller Design

Sony Patent Hints at Next-Gen PSVR Controller Design

Last month, VRFinal reported Sony's commitment to VR during the PS5's lifespan. Fulfilling that commitment, Sony announced PS5's Game Boost feature last week which would bolster the performance of select PSVR titles on the Next-Gen platform.

But by suppressing the limitations of the software, Sony have only emphasised the limitations of the PSVR's hardware. For example, the PlayStation Move Wands operate on technology which is over ten years old. So, while it is all but confirmed that Sony is hard at work on the PSVR2, a new patent may have given us a hint as to what the Next-Gen PSVR Controllers will look like.

The new patent appears to demonstrate the Next-Gen of PSVR controllers. (Credit: Sony)

As can be seen above, the latest PSVR2 controller patent appears to be following through on rumours which stated Sony is currently researching 'finger tracking technology.' This technique essentially monitors which of your fingers are resting on the controller's grip, allowing more intricate controls simply by manoeuvring your hand.

The Next-Gen PSVR Controller could harness 'finger tracking technology' in addition to other sensors. (Credit: Sony)

The above patent appears to suggest Sony will be attempting to use finger tracking in addition to a number of other sensors located in the outer ring.

If Sony is enabling PSVR classics to play in higher quality on the PS5, there's no reason to think that they wouldn't also design these new controllers to further improve the experience playing older games. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone if you decide to use this to justify your bulk purchases during the shocking PSVR sale earlier this month!


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