Sony Corporate Report Confirms Commitment to VR

Sony Corporate Report Confirms Commitment to VR

After months of teasing immersive gameplay like we've never seen before, we may finally have an idea what that means for VR in the next-gen.

Earlier this month, Sony confirmed that after an eventful year marked by delays and cancellations, the long-anticipated PlayStation 5 would be released on schedule. Simultaneously, the tech giant committed to prioritising ‘how games feel’ in the next-gen, releasing a television spot titled ‘Play Has No Limits.’ We speculated that this could mean a bright future for PSVR. A Corporate Financial Report released this week by the company has confirmed that fans should have a lot to look forward to.

The Corporate Report 2020 reveals Sony's commitment to advancing PlayStation VR. Credit: Sony

“Through introducing new technologies in speed, haptics and sound, we can further improve on the exclusive experience available on the PS4, and aim to make the PS5 a truly next-generation console by providing game experiences that were not possible before,” the report reads. “In executing these strategies, greater emphasis will be placed on user engagement,” it continues, “[providing] content for a variety of game genres and formats and make advancements in unique and immersive interactive experiences such as VR.”

Lead system architect Mark Cenry (known as 'the man behind the PS5') told that "VR is very important to us." Credit: Frank Franklin II through AP

This builds on sentiment expressed recently by several key Sony figures. Eric Lempel, SVP and head of global marketing at Sony, stated in an interview with that the ad was: “in aid of promoting three of PS5’s features – haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio – that are central to Sony’s vision for the new console.” Lead system architect Mark Cenry told that “VR is very important to us,” and confirmed that the PSVR headset will be compatible with the new console.

We still don’t know exactly when the console will be released nor what it will cost, but recent developments only continue to confirm Sony's commitment to VR in the next-gen.

The PS5 is on track to make its Holiday 2020 release date. PSVR will be supported from launch. Credit: Sony


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