Solaris: Offworld Combat Overview

Solaris: Offworld Combat Overview

Solaris: Offworld Combat is a first-person shooter multiplayer game by First Contact Entertainment. It is a virtual reality game coming first to Quest and Rift with the PSVR version release scheduled for later. To make the experience better, Solaris is planning to launch the game with dedicated servers right from the first day.

‌‌The space VR shooter game features impressive graphics and a futuristic art style with essentially two layers of VR. It is designed to be easy to play for anyone familiar with video games. Unlike most multiplayer FPS games with a customized loadout at the beginning of the battle, each player in Solaris Offworld Combat starts the game with the same weapon.


The player starts the game with a Sentinel Disruptor Pistol, but can find better and more destructive weapons at various locations within the game. The game starts with a control point, which is the only game mode available at launch. You can then gather points and move to a different location. Featuring two teams with up to four on each side, the game involves mastering weapons, creating good tactics, and getting to spawn locations with your team.

Items like health and armour, rocket launchers, and arc rifles are scattered throughout the arena and can be picked up during the game. The goal is to take over each control point with your team and win the match. The gameplay looks fast and frantic as players can run, sprint, and slide across the arena. It also features various jump points around the arenas, allowing players teleport to different spots on the battlefield.

Release Date

First Contact Entertainment initially announced back in June that the game would be hitting Oculus Quest and Rift in August. Now that has changed. The company recently announced that the launched would be delayed by a month. The studio states the reason for the delay as adjustments to ensure the release meets expectations. It is now due to arrive on 24th September.