First Contact Entertainment's Solaris: Offworld Combat Coming to PSVR Early in 2021

First Contact Entertainment's Solaris: Offworld Combat Coming to PSVR Early in 2021

Good news for Quake-like arena shooter fans. First Contact Entertainment's Oculus-exclusive shooter Solaris: Offworld Combat is coming to PSVR early in 2021.

Released all the way back in September, First Contact Entertainment's Solaris: Offworld Combat is as close to a VR Quake successor as I suppose we will ever get.

The space-based VR arena shooter has an exciting and rather impressive futuristic art style. Unlike most other multiplayer FPS titles, don't expect to customise loadouts before you hop into battle - every player starts each match with the same Sentinel Disruptor Pistol, picking up even more exciting weapons as the game progresses.

When First Contact launched Solaris on the Oculus Quest and Rift earlier this year, they had planned to launch a PSVR version later in the year. But as you can see, it's almost Christmas and there's no PSVR port in sight.

Well, at the 2020 PlayStation VR Award Show yesterday, First Contact stopped by to show off some gameplay from the upcoming PSVR version of Solaris, and gave us a hint about when to expect it.

Not a surprise that First Contact is finally returning to the PSVR platform, considering it is the device where the developer first made waves with their PSVR-exclusive shooter Firewall: Zero Hour.

I'm glad to hear that PSVR fans, who have surely been looking forward to this one for some time, won't be left disappointed.

Sadly, the same can't be said for Original Quest users. Rec Room have just released their popular Battle Royale mode on the Quest 2 but not the Quest 1 - the first time a title on both platforms has seen a major feature disparity between the two.


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