SideQuest VR Developers' Reactions to Oculus Quest 2 Launch

SideQuest VR Developers' Reactions to Oculus Quest 2 Launch

In case you missed it, we did a short quantitative analysis on how the Quest 2 launch affected VR game downloads, and in this piece I want to talk about how devs and creators experienced it.

Mini from "Attack on Quest"

If you haven't played Attack on Quest, go start the download right now. Based on the popular "Attack on Titan" series, this game puts you in the shoes of a soldier as you float through the air in VME slaying titans. This game has over 70,000 downloads, and we got in touch with Mini, the creator, to see how his game and community has been affected by the launch of the Oculus Quest 2.

Mini reports that after the Quest 2 launched, both the number of downloads, and the membership in his AoQ Discord has skyrocketed, with growth accelerating daily. We expected the download count to grow, but the uptick in engagement outside of the headset leads us to believe that not only are people downloading more games, but they're also willing to get involved more actively with the industry – a great sign for the developer community.

Ben from "Cybercade"

House of the Dead meets Terminator, Cybercade is AWESOME. The neon everything, evil robots, and GUNS are everything we want in a VR game, and Ben gave us a little peek into how the Quest 2 changed thing for him.

We were actually very surprised by Ben's response to our questions. Expectedly, downloads for him spiked the week of launch, and he did see some growth in his community, but things reverted to the mean relatively quickly for him. Additionally, given how ubiquitous Quest 1 usage still is, he said his development still caters to users of the original headset.

Non-SideQuest Game Performance

Ian Hamilton over at asked a creators how the Quest 2 (and 2020 in general) affected their sales, and a few devs responded with stats.

HolodanceVR creator Jashan Chittesh responded stating that they saw revenue growth YoY, but the growth was not all correlated with Quest 2's launch in October.

Ryan Engle of Pro Putt VR wrote "post-Christmas sale we’re still seeing 3x daily sales vs pre-Christmas. And 30x vs the low point right before Quest 2 came out." He also provided the following graph.

So while the Quest 2 was big for paid game creators on other stores, it's still not the whole story.


Okay, so another somewhat inconclusive case study, but I did learn something, or at least I can infer something. Attack on Quest has gone viral in many aspects outside of VR. Tik Tok videos of the game have millions of views (take that dancing teenagers) and Reddit seems to love the game; I would take this to mean that while maybe everyone saw some uplift from the Quest 2, the games that were already popular outside of the VR inner circle are getting bigger as VR enters the hands of the laymen.

Seeing as Attack on Titan and Attack on Quest have traction outside of the niche enthusiast VR community, as more hobbyists enter VR I would expected that those who liked Attack on Titan will check out Attack on Quest.