SideQuest Major Update Gives it a New Look and Experience

SideQuest Major Update Gives it a New Look and Experience

SideQuest is the sideloading platform of Oculus quest which offers more game options to select from than the Oculus Store. This platform has recently experienced a huge change in its features which includes the addition of some new functions, as well as the improvement of the previous features. The most noticeable change is likely the merging of the browse pages and the home page. This makes it easier to find relevant content as the apps and games are presented as Staff Picks, Latest, and Fresh. The traditional categories are also represented.

Also, seven new categories have been added and they include Meditation, Multiplayer, Story, Flying, Early Access, Racing, and Escape. The categories are genre-relevant. Of particular importance is the Early Access which enables developers to grant specific users access to their apps and games based on a user-request or invite-only method as they will.

Access to the PC versions of the video games will now be simpler as there is an improved support for the desktop versions of the apps which are included in the listings. This feature works only for Windows for now. Oculus had discontinued its Open Source Repository in efforts to fight against piracy hitherto but will now be opening its source code again. The Go PC VR titles, WebXR, and Oculus Link will also now be highlighted by a dedicated filter. With an improved mobile experience, there is also the option of different types of profiles for the users designated, Streamer, Gamer, and Developer accompanied with possible updates to the side points system.

The added community feature is likely to help users feel more involved in the whole process as they can now make posts and contribute in the form of posts and events in these communities for different apps. The News Feeds has also been launched into a beta mode which ensures that users do not miss important information from developers about their favorite apps and games. This news comes after the news of the Facebook login requirement which has received a lot of backlash from the community.


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