SideQuest comes to Android: Sideload your favourite apps without a PC!

SideQuest have just launched an Android App.

SideQuest comes to Android: Sideload your favourite apps without a PC!

Sidequest, the unofficial app store that allows creators the ability to sideload apps on the Quest has just made it a whole lot easier to load the apps. SideQuest have just launched an Android App.

Now, you will no longer need a PC to sideload apps on to your Quest headset. You transfer using a USB cable or you can enable Wi-Fi sideloading for a completely cable free experience. It can get a little bit complicated, so we recommend that you check out the comprehensive guide by VR Youtubers, Cas and Chary VR.

In a statement by the company, Shane Harris, CEO and co-founder of SideQuest wrote:

“One of the most requested SideQuest features is to be able to access it without a PC. Today I am stoked to announce the launch of the SideQuest mobile app, with support for App Lab and sideloading. We are more committed than ever here at SideQuest to do all we can to bring cutting-edge content to users and to help developers succeed in VR. “We are humbled to have earned the trust of the VR community and we will keep pushing the industry forward in any way we can. We hope you will enjoy a mobile SideQuest experience!”

The app will look familiar to anyone who has used the SideQuest website before. You can browse the available apps by category, price, popularity, and even check out the complete list of App Lab games.

If you decide you want to check out SideQuest, you will have access to over 500 VR games and apps most of them are free but some of the biggest and most polished games on the store do cost money.

This is a huge step forward for the unofficial app store, the ease of use that comes from an Android app, will reduce the barrier for entry for anyone that may be on the fence.