The 'SenseGlove Nova' Haptic Gloves Will Help Transform Professional VR Training Forever

The 'SenseGlove Nova' Haptic Gloves Will Help Transform Professional VR Training Forever

SenseGlove, a Dutch start-up, debuted their new haptic gloves at CES 2021 on Monday, known as 'SenseGlove Nova.' It could just be a game-changer for VR training.

If you've been following VR Final for a while, you'll know we have a hankering for unique VR peripherals. A personal favourite had to be Ekto VR's Ekto One, a pair of massive robotic shoes which replicate the sensation of walking forward while keeping you in one spot. bHaptic's full-body TactSuit X is likely a close second, probably followed by Apple's widely rumoured VR Glove (if it ever comes to anything.)

But there's a new glove in town - and now I've seen SenseGlove's 'SenseGlove Nova', it might just hit the top spot.

The Dutch start-up's new Haptic Force-Feedback pair of gloves don't just look awesome, they have been designed with a single practical application in mind. The device was crafted specifically for professional VR training purposes, as SenseGlove CEO Gijs den Butter explains:

“Unlike research applications, VR training projects are all about quick implementation. We created SenseGlove Nova — a new glove using stretchable, easy-to-put-on material — specifically for VR training, based on direct customer feedback. The ability to experience digital worlds through intuitive real-world behaviors coupled with a low $5,000 USD price make the SenseGlove Nova the most accessible device for the future of work and a new sense in VR training."

Each finger can experience up to 20N of force, powered by SenseGlove's patented force feedback technology which places four brakes from the thumb to the ring finger. As a result, the trailer shows a user squeezing a virtual ball and having their actually hand physically restrained by it.

The trailer also boasts "compelling vibrotactile feedback", showing a user's hand shake as they operate a virtual drill. This is the result of embedded "advanced voice coil actuator technology" which is capable of replicating everything from realistic button clicks to impact simulations.

SenseGlove's previous endeavour, the exoskeletal DK1, was designed for VR Research purposes. But with XR training in mind, the start-up had to ensure that the Nova was practically designed and could be equipped quickly and easily. That's why the device can be put on in a mere five seconds, and is designed with a little help from the hand's tendon muscles.

The SenseGlove Nova is currently available for pre-order at a price of $5000. With the DK1 already in VR Research settings and the ground-breaking technology in the Nova, I'd bet that the device will start a revolution in peripherals with practical VR training applications.

And hopefully we'll then see the technology applied more widely. Can you imagine how it could integrate with an experience like Omniversity, the world's first college entirely in VR?


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