Second season of the VR battle royale game Virtual Battlegrounds will launch December 17th

Second season of the VR battle royale game Virtual Battlegrounds will launch December 17th

The second season of Virtual Battlegroundswill launch this Thursday and bring in a much-needed visual overhaul as well as new areas, weapons, and environmental effects.

The game is essentially a VR version of the ever-popular PUBG. Take a whole host of players, place them in an open, modern military setting and let them shoot each other. There are the classic battle royale game modes; free for all, duos, squads, and even custom lobbies. Players fight in a 4km x 4km map which roughly the size of the PUBG map Sanhok.

The game doesn’t even come close to the 100-player limit of console and PC battle royale titles, only managing 24 players per map. According to their Steam page, they do plan to expand that number in the future.

Season 2 is expanding the 4km2 map by adding a new Warehouse District. This will be their biggest area yet and according to their update you will be able to “Zipline across forklifts, traverse the inner workings of multi floor store rooms, or take cover behind storage containers.”

They are expanding their arsenal with the new pump action shotgun that has a new gun handling system with bullet spray, pumpable rounds, and loadable shells.

The biggest change is the visual improvements to the game. They have improved the look of the vegetation as well as generally overhauling the art assets of the game. They have also added a new randomised weather system that includes the original look of the game as well as; overcast, thunderstorm, moonlight, sunny day, and red sun.

The developers have also improved their lobby system. They say:
“We built a lobby system that should make it much easier to quickly hop into the games and find players. One of the biggest issues we've felt the game has had was its lobby system, it took too long to get games going and finding other players was difficult. With this new system queue up the second you want to for a match or hang out in the public lobby room until you get a group going and then queue up.”

The improvements to the lobby and matchmaking also include a new kill room and multiplayer gun range.


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Andrew Boggs

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