Samsung VR Headset Patent Features A Wacky New Controller Design

Samsung VR Headset Patent Features A Wacky New Controller Design

A patent filed for Samsung's upcoming VR headset shows that you'll have some loopy-looking tracking rings to go with your fly-eye headset. Wonderful!

I was hoping it'd be wings but it'll certainly do! (Credit: Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd)

Companies file some weird patents, don't they? Whether it's Sony's wannabe 'knuckle dusters' for Next-Gen PS VR or Apple's VR sequel to the Nintendo Power Glove, tech giants are never far away from patenting something downright wacky.

Not least of which was Samsung's patent for a new VR headset which we first saw around one year ago. The patent filing was a pretty standard VR affair, with one notable exception. The front of the headset is to be decorated with two massive fly eyes. Oh, and they supposedly come in red and blue.

If we don't get a VR The Fly experience as a launch exclusive, where you play as Jeff Goldblum, Samsung's Press Team aren't earning their salaries. (Credit: Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd)

Now, we have our first look at the accompanying controllers - and they don't skimp on strangeness.

(Credit: Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd)

On the face of things, the controller seems pretty standard. But after taking a closer look, UploadVR has noted the presence of a tracking ring and a complete lack of traditional face buttons. Unlike the Quest, the tracking ring doesn't loop upwards to catch the eyeline of the camera. Instead, it appears to loop all the way around the wrist. Weird.

But even with all these details, we've still got a lot of questions. It doesn't look like it'll be a stand-alone Quest competitor, given that the patent details only an adjustment dial and volume adjustment. It also appears to have space for four cameras: two in the positions we'd expect for a WMR headset and two additional cameras on the sides, for what exactly we're not quite sure. Potentially another clue that the headset is going for a wider range for the controllers?

It'll have been a few years since we last saw an Odyssey VR headset from Samsung, so we can assume they've been busy cooking up something special. At least, that's what the fly eyes would imply. Here they are in blue:

The patent was filed more than two years ago, meaning that the product has had a relatively long development cycle. In order words, you may need to wait a while to put this bad boy on your head. (Credit: Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd)

It probably won't be on the market to play the new Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2 though, which will reportedly support virtual reality (VR) headsets though...


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