'Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual' New Details: Publisher, Date, Platforms, & More

HappyGiant's VR Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual has been highly anticipated since it was announced, not mentioning when or what headsets it will support.

'Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual' New Details: Publisher, Date, Platforms, & More

HappyGiant's VR take on the irreverent franchise, Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual, was announced last Summer... without mentioning when it would release or what headsets it will support.

We now know it will release in June of the Oculus Quest & Quest 2, a SteamVR launch is slated near the end of this year, and PlayStation VR & Vive will have to wait for support early in 2022.

When HappyGiant first teased Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual! last summer, anyone with an affection for zany buddy-cop duos, anthropomorphic creatures, and VR crime-solving games was pretty excited. As far as I'm aware, that list encompasses pretty much everyone.

But we didn't have very many details to chew on. We didn't know who the publisher would be, plot details were scarce, we only knew for certain that it would support a few platforms, and we didn't really know when it would release.

It's the first original Sam & Max game that has been released in more than ten years, so it's a pretty big deal. It's a good job that we've finally had some of our most asked questions answered, including (most) of those listed above.

Big Sugar Games, a pretty prolific new publisher of VR games, will help HappyGiant see through the launch. Alongside that announcement, Big Sugar announced that the game would release to Oculus Quest in June.

The game will then be released for Steam VR later this year, with an exact date or month still yet to be announced. Sadly, PlayStation VR and Vive players will need to wait until next year - pinpointed at an early 2022 release - to get their hands on new VR take.

Finally, we learned that the game will launch for $29.99 USD on Oculus Quest this June.

But Big Sugar also pushed out the news alongside a new pre-release gameplay trailer. Check it out below:

Sam & Max is a gaming institution, so it's pretty exciting to see it take its first steps into VR. Huh, maybe Andrew Bosworth, Facebook's Head of Mixed Reality, had a point when he said VR's mainstream moment is "starting to happen right now."