Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA Gets a Holiday 2020 Release Date for VR

Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA Gets a Holiday 2020 Release Date for VR

Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA had a demo at E3 2019, but we hadn't heard much about the game until now. ROTU—presumably "Rhythm Of The Universe"—Entertainment, the company behind the game, released a new trailer on their YouTube channel on August 26th.

The end of the trailer announces that the game will be released Holiday 2020, which typically means either November or December. We'll let you know when Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA receives an official release date or we get any further information.

As described on the ROTU website, the game is expected to release for Oculus Rift S, Valve Index, and Vive Cosmos. It's described as a "single-player fantasy-adventure puzzle VR game for all ages."

Players will have the opportunity to "get up close with music-inspired creatures in a lush forest teeming with life" and "discover music-based magic on your quest to save the Harpa, a mythical creature whose habitat is on the brink of destruction."

While the trailer shows the playing playing a xylophone and some kind of metal drum, the game's mechanics aren't immediately clear. It appears to carry strong themes of environmental conservation, and the website confirms that "you will be able to use music-based magic to help save creatures inside the game."

Additionally, ROTU Entertainment plans to donate a portion of the game's proceeds to nonprofits, with the website linking directly to the National Wildlife Foundation. If you're interested in the game, this is a great opportunity to support a smaller developer as well as a charitable cause. Check out ROTU's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages to stay updated with the latest news about Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA.

This, along with many other games are coming out, making it an exciting time to have a headset.