Reddit User Proposes to Wife in VR, Hearts Swoon Worldwide

Reddit User Proposes to Wife in VR, Hearts Swoon Worldwide

Reddit User u/ThatChocolateGuy proposed to his wife with an elaborate and heart-warming virtual reality presentation. Well, that's one way to start off the year!

I proposed to my lady in VR! This is how it went down. [Sound On] from virtualreality

This is an issue I bet I share with a lot of you out there. Whenever I mention anything to do with virtual reality (VR) my significant other. It doesn't matter how fantastic the subject - from Apple's Rumoured VR Glove to the new "Low Fi" Cyberpunk VR Experience - I tend to receive only obligatory affirmations and glazed eyes as soon as the words "virtual" and "reality" seep out my lips.

Well, Reddit user u/ThatChocolateGuy has found a way to make virtual reality interesting - in fact, it's probably something his significant other would ever forget: when he created an immersive virtual reality display to propose to his fiancée.

The virtual reality display - programmed for an Oculus Quest 2 headset - was elaborate, to say the least. Disguised as some kind of model train simulator, the user is given a bunch of options to manipulate the train on the track.

Then, suddenly, a "super secret panel" appears. It was decorated with images of their blossoming relationship, and with an interactive mechanism that places a virtual reality ring on her finger, as he placed it on her finger in real life.

Best of all - he was playing the famous "troll" song Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. I'm sure that meant everyone in the room, least of all the individual experiencing it in the headset, was wondering whether or not it was real.

Luckily, it only took one question to clear all that up.


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