Rec Room's Battle Royale is Out Now on Quest 2, but not the Original Quest

Rec Room's Battle Royale is Out Now on Quest 2, but not the Original Quest

The award-winning VR social game Rec Room saw a massive update on Quest 2 & mobile yesterday, including the fan favourite Rec Royale mode. Sadly, we've also learned that fans on the Original Quest are going to miss out on the feature altogether.

Rec Room's been making headlines for some time, not least here on VR Final. We loved it when they announced “Premium Users” could sell creations for in-game currency earlier this month, not to mention the Among Us and Fall Guys in-game remakes we've been enjoying.

But this time, they've hit the headlines and some have been left disappointed. A huge Quest 2 & mobile update has brought the fan-favourite 'Rec Royale' mode to the platform. But for players on the Original Quest? Not so much...

The mode features the Battle Royale elements we're now very accustomed to from titles like Fortnite, PubG, Warzone, etc. Loot-able weapons, a shrinking circle, a massive map, etc etc etc. But, as you can probably tell, these elements take a fair bit of computing power - hence why one (fairly sizable) proportion of the Rec Room player base may be swept by the cold wind of betrayal.

Rec Room will henceforth be known as the first game on Quest and Quest 2 where a major feature is available on one and will be absent on the other. The reason for this is very simple, according to the official Rec Room Reddit account:

Its not coming to Quest 1 without the use of the link cable that I'm aware of. Quest 1 doesnt seem to have the power to run such a large map w that many people, physics objects, etc.

That being said, you could still access the mode via the link cable. When there's a will, after all, there is a way!

Luckily, dinosaur fans didn't have to face the same disappointment. Jurassic World: Aftermath is out now for both Oculus Quest & Quest 2.


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