'Rags to Dishes' Releases Festive Update - New Levels, Upgrade Shops & more!

'Rags to Dishes' Releases Festive Update - New Levels, Upgrade Shops & more!

Rags to Dishes is the quaintest little Steam VR cooking sim currently on the market. Developer Novity has now given the game a festive spin with a brand new Christmas Holiday update - featuring new levels, upgrade shops & much more!

I have to be honest - I loved Novity's Rags to Dishes when I reviewed it just one month ago. To recap, it's probably the best VR cooking simulator on Steam VR right now.

More charming than the art style, though, is the way Novity have been so actively engaged with the game's blossoming community of fans - taking feedback, sharing reviews & let's plays, and keeping fans up to date with what's next for the title.

Today, a mere month after the game first launched on Steam, Novity have put out their first major update - and fair warning, it's about as festive as a Christmas Stocking with a Santa hat, riding a sleigh while Mariah Carey's Christmas classic (do I even need to name it?) plays ad nauseam.

In other words, it's pretty dang festive.

The update's main additions are festive levels, festive upgrade shops, a festive main menu and a couple of Christmas bangers to get you in the mood while you linger in the game menu.

The update doesn't stop there, though. Remember I said that Novity have been keeping up with the community? They've also introduced a laundry list of bug fixes and improvements based on fan feedback.

Not only have a few pesky bugs been fixed, but Novity also added new voice actors, as well as haptic feedback and new animations in certain sections. That's not even to mention the fact that they've switched out the "sweets" for a super-festive candy cane, among others:

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Increased variety of male customer voices
  • Adjusted sizing of tutorial dialogue
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ladle to not be deleted after completing the oatmeal tutorial
  • Fixed Brie’s missing collision in the campaign soup tutorial
  • Base royal platter grill cooking time decreased by 2.5 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where in some situations cups would delete as soon as they were emptied
  • Added haptic feedback when placing objects into ovens
  • Added haptic feedback when placing ingredients on the grill
  • Fixed a bug that caused the customers to stay scared if the player didn’t hit it
  • Replaced the sweets with a festive sugar cane
  • Adjusted the timer for the knights
  • Limit number of actors that can be spawned in the world at a time
  • Add a spawn animation for loop menu buttons

Novity are clearly proud of Rags to Dishes and they have every reason to be. All this TLC that the game is receiving is only going to help further invigorate an active player base. The Rags to Dishes Holiday Update was released today and is available now.

And I've even saved the best news for last: until the 26th of December, Novity have cut 20% off the price of the game on Steam. There has literally never been a better time to get your hands on this title!

When you're done with the Rags to Dishes Festive Update, you may have missed that Virtual Battlegrounds have just launched their Season Two update. Cooking then killing. What could be more festive?


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