Oculus Quest 2 Promo Videos Leaked: Here's the Scoop

Oculus Quest 2 Promo Videos Leaked: Here's the Scoop

Merely days away from Facebook's 2020 Connect Expo, it appears someone could not contain their excitement. Not one but two promotional videos for the long-rumoured Oculus Quest 2 VR headset have been leaked, and with them a bunch of confirmations and details about the peripheral's specs. Without further ado, here's the scoop.

It's Facebook's Best "All-in-One" VR Headset Yet
Facebook brag that the Quest 2 will be their “most advanced all-in-one VR system yet." According to the details in the promos, that's largely down to the fact it's considerably more powerful than the Quest. Among the upgrades, are 6GB of RAM (from  Quest's 4GB), 50% more pixels than the Quest (or, 2K per eye) and twice the storage, with the Quest 2 boasting 256GB.

Lighter, more immersive and a lot more powerful. This is the Oculus Quest 2... apparently. (Credit: Facebook)

But it'll also fix the Quest's 'comfort deficit.'
One of the biggest complains about the Quest was that it was heavy and uncomfortable, especially after long play sessions. To rectify this, the Quest 2 will be lighter and it's straps will be made from a soft-touch fabric rather than hard plastic. Can't complain about that.

It's doubling down on immersion.
Immersion and comfort appear to be the name of the game. In the promotional videos, Facebook brags about their new ergonomic controllers “for an even more comfortable experience.” Furthermore, the Quest 2 supports hand-tracking, which means for some experiences the controller won't even be necessary. Finally, Immersion will be further achieved with 3D audio support. While it's a long way from some of the more dramatic innovations in VR controller immersion, it's a welcome addition to the Quest experience.

The new 'ergonomic' control system. You might not even need them, though. The Quest 2 also supports hand tracking. (Credit: Facebook)

So there we have it, the new leaks and all the details they contain. For anyone with concerns about legitimacy, you won't need to wait long. Facebook Connect 2020 begins in just a few days, and lucky for you, we've already run down everything you should expect from the Expo.


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