Shipment of Quest 2 Elite Straps delayed amid rumours they are faulty

Fans will be disappointed to hear that dispatch of the highly anticipated Quest 2 Elite Strap has been delayed.

Shipment of Quest 2 Elite Straps delayed amid rumours they are faulty

Fans will be disappointed to hear that dispatch of the highly anticipated Quest 2 Elite Strap has been delayed. But does it have something to do with the rumours circulating online that units are breaking?

VRCauldron has cut to the chase and tried his hardest to destroy his own Quest 2 Elite Strap...

The Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap has been highly anticipated since it was first unveiled alongside the new headset in September.

Among the most attractive features of the new Quest is it's focus on comfort - it is designed to be played for hours with little or no strain or discomfort. First impressions of the Quest 2, though, confirmed that the headset still felt heavy despite a 10% weight reduction.

To address this, Oculus began offering the Elite Strap. Armed with a comfortable plastic arm to better bare the Quest 2's weight, it also features an adjustable dial at the back to help it perfectly fit the shape of your head.

Launched with a pre-order price of $49, Facebook-Oculus also decided to sell a variant with a battery pack and carry case for $129.

The Elite Strap helps bare the load of the Quest 2, which can feel heavy even with a 10% weight reduction. (Credit: Facebook/Oculus)

Both are currently unavailable, showing the great demand for the accessory. However, some users who managed to snag a unit have recently received an email from Oculus explaining that their deliveries are to be delayed.

Postal delays, especially internationally, are certainly to be expected during a global pandemic.

However, many are speculating that the delay could have something to do with complaints which surfaced on Reddit that Elite Strap units were breaking.

After only 4 days of normal usage I'm beat saber player so I always make sure to make it tight on my head and this happend from OculusQuest

Terrified customers who received their units are reportedly being very careful not to put any excess pressure on their units. "I'm being super careful not to put any stress on the arms straps," wrote on user in the comments. "I also pick it up by the visor or the battery pack, never by the straps."

Concerns about the quality of the Elite Strap are seemingly confirmed by an alleged email sent out to customers expecting a delivery by Oculus themselves.

The email from Oculus can be read in full below:

Dear [Person’s name],
We are reaching out to inform you that we won’t be able to ship your Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery and Carrying Case by the estimated ship date. We are investigating some customer quality reports and be believe this is affecting a very small percentage of Elite Strap accessories, as it’s important to us that we’re always providing our customers with the highest-quality experience possible with our products, so we’ve temporarily paused shipping inventory from our distribution centers while we look into this.
If you would like to keep your order despite the shipping delay, please let us know by contacting Oculus Support. If you request that we keep your order and fill it later, you still have the right to cancel the order at any time before we ship it to you.
The law requires that we automatically cancel your order and issue you a refund unless we hear back from you or ship your order by 12/05/2020. If you do not want to wait, and would like to cancel your order for a full refund before then, you may do so from your account or by contacting Oculus Support.
We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any further questions, please contact Oculus Support.

The Elite Strap isn't the only official Oculus accessory seeing distribution delays: the official VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set is also currently unavailable.

Lucky for us though, VR Cover have saved the day with a selection of currently available multi-fabric inserts.