Quest 2 Air Link feature is now available for everyone

Quest 2 Air Link feature is now available for everyone

Vice President of Facebook Reality Labs Andrew Bosworth says Quest 2’s new Air Link feature is available “today for everyone who has both Quest and PC v28”.

Air Link is part of the latest update from Oculus for the Quest 2 headset. It will allow users toto play PC VR games on the headset without the use of the Oculus Link cable. It is a wireless streaming mode and comparisons are already being drawn between Facebooks new Air Link mode and the already supported Oculus app, Virtual Desktop.

In a recent Q&A on social media, Andrew Bosworth and Consulting Oculus CTO John Carmack spoke about the issues they faced when designing the new Air Link system:

“Internally this started off a direction that I thought was just going to be a disaster, where, we’ve had these arguments where first it was like, ‘Link’s a bad idea, the quality is going to be lower’ then it’s like ‘Well, you can’t just do Air Link. We know the quality is going to be even worse, but maybe if we design and sell a $200 special Wi-Fi dongle, that has custom firmware it would be okay.’ And that was the original plan of record when sort of things went through and I was kind of pitching a fit about that.

“Eventually we came to, I think the absolutely correct decision, which is no it’ll work on just any Wi-Fi. We may yet in the future, make some extra Wi-Fi dongle or have some partnership with different firmware flashes for something that can let us get somewhat better performance in congested conditions. But I always pointed to the Virtual Desktop work where we have an existence proof. I kept saying literally, right this very second, there are thousands of people using that and getting value from it, clearly, it’s okay.

“So, this is again, one of those things, the right thing happened in the end. It’s all good. We’re not requiring it. We may yet do something in the future, if we get lots of people using this and it looks like there’s a market for it to do some higher end boutique dongle, that improves performance a bit.”


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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