PS5 Will Be Released on Target, Despite Delays and Cancellations

PS5 Will Be Released on Target, Despite Delays and Cancellations

Despite events being cancelled and delays all over the industry, Sony reveals that the PS5 won’t see any delay and doubles down on their ‘how games feel’ VR marketing focus in new ad.

The new PS5 ad doubles down on Sony's 'how games feel' focus, hinting at an exciting future for console VR.

The relative silence recently around Sony’s next-generation console has had fans worried that the PS5 could face a delay past its holiday 2020 release window. These fears aren’t unfounded. In June, Sony were forced to cancel a PS5 event amid the George Floyd protests. Just this week, Arkane Studios - the creators of one of the most hyped PS5 exclusives, Deathloop - revealed on Twitter that the game would be delayed until Summer 2021.

Eric Lempel, SVP and head of global marketing at Sony, reassured fans this week in an interview with that the PS5 won’t see any considerable delay. Chocking up the relative silence to the effects of the pandemic, he said: “if the world was in a normal place, we would be out there with demo stations at different events, with the ability for consumers to touch the product and interact with it, and really understand what we are talking about.”

The prospect of the soon-to-be-launched PS5 should be enough to make any VR fan squeak. The focus of a console war ad campaign is often a canary in the coalmine, giving us a view into the grand plan of console gaming in the next gen. The latest PS5 ad promises ‘play with no limits’, opening with the line: “welcome to a world where you can feel more.”

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Lempel explained: “it’s in aid of promoting three of PS5’s features – haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio – that are central to Sony’s vision for the new console.” In a interview from August 2019, lead system architect Mark Cenry stated that: “VR is very important to us,” adding that the PSVR headset will be compatible with the new console. With all this in mind, news of no delay should excite not only those anxiously awaiting the release of the PS5, but anyone invested in the future of VR.


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