PS5 Game Boost will improve the performance of some PS VR games.

PS5 Game Boost will improve the performance of some PS VR games.

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will be able to improve the performance of some PS VR and PS4 games using its Game Boost feature.

Sony has been promoting the backwards compatibility of the PS5. They have confirmed that PS4 titles will be compatible at launch, unfortunately the same cannot be said for any other PlayStation generations.

There is a good reason to hold on to your old PS4 and PS VR games for now. The Game Boost feature promoted by Sony will improve the framerate of certain PS4 and PS VR games. The improvement in the framerate will make the games smoother and faster but they have not made any mention of an increase in graphics or load times.

The full line up of games that will take advantage of the feature have yet to be announced. It is likely that it will include first party exclusives and releases from major publishers, so expect games like Ironman VR and Blood & Truth to get the Game Boost treatment.

Sony has also confirmed that the current PS VR system can be used with the PS5 to play the supported PS VR games. You still need to own a PlayStation Camera, but Sony will provide all PS VR users that upgrade to a PS5 with a camera adaptor free of charge. They haven’t provided any information about how you can claim an adaptor, but we assume they will provide more information closer to the release date.

Sony has committed to supporting the PS4 for four years after the release of the PS5 on November 12th but with backwards compatibility and PS VR support, they are giving consumers a good reason to play their catalogue of games on the PS5.


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Andrew Boggs

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