Potential Quest 2 port for “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond” according to executive producer

Potential Quest 2 port for “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond” according to executive producer

The next major release for Oculus Studios, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, could potentially see a Quest 2 port in the future.

The development of the title began even before the first Quest launched. It was built from the ground up to be a PC VR title and looks to be a far more demanding game than most currently available for the standalone headsets.

Mike Doran, Executive Producer at Oculus Studios, replied to a comment on Reddit about a potential Quest 2 port: “We are going to try, once the PC sku is finished.”  Then, when asked if Respawn or EA had agreed to the potential port, he replied: “Yes, they're fully involved and onboard with this ambition.”

So, according to Doran, the idea of porting the game has been universally agreed on by management. Despite the seeming complete agreement of the team, development of a port to such an underpowered device will not be without its challenges. At least the idea is not off the table.

From what we know, the port is not currently in development, it seems that it is being “investigated”. We also do not know if the game will end up on the original Quest or just the Quest 2. The latter seems far more likely as the port will need all the processing power that it can to compete with a full PC VR experience.

Because the port is only being “investigated” at the moment, there is no concrete timetable in place for the port. It is unlikely that we will get any more information on the idea before the game releases or even until the new year.

If you own a Quest or Quest 2 (and a powerful enough PC) you could always play the game on your device using the Oculus Link when the game releases on December 11th.


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