Population: ONE's Bureau Base Tower Will Finally Open Later This Week

Population: ONE's Bureau Base Tower Will Finally Open Later This Week

Population: ONE developer BigBox VR have revealed that players will finally gain access to the mysterious tower in a new in-game event known as 'Tower Struggle'. It launches later this week.


Even before we knew when it would release, we knew that Uprising would really shake up the way we play the VR Battle Royale game. Melee weapons and new items, nothing filled us with optimistic joy as much as the prospect of battling inside the hallowed halls of the mysterious tower.

Of course, we were told that 'Map Updates' would be at the heart of Season 1, with the release promo teasing that opening up the Bureau Base would just be the start of Season 1's geographical revolution. But first on everyone's wish list was having access to the mysterious Tower in the centre of the map. Now, BigBox VR have finally revealed exactly when we're going to get in it:

This finally pays off one of the most exciting rumours of Population: ONE's Season 1 event: Uprising. The upcoming in-game event, known as 'Tower Struggle', is set to launch at 12pm Pacific time on Thursday the 8th of April.

The Oculus Experiences Event page for 'Tower Struggle' explains that "The Tower has suddenly opened. The power of the cores attract all sorts. What red glowing secrets will you find inside?"

Best of all, the event promises even more in-game goodies. Promo artwork has already shown off new gun skins and a new skin with red goggles and a branded black puffer jacket. The promise of "red glowing secrets" leads me to believe that there will be more surprises awaiting us inside the halls of the massive (and infamous) Tower at the heart of the map. But for that, we'll just have to wait and see...

If you're interested in checking out Uprising while it's in full flow, why not check out our Ultimate Guide to all the new Weapons, Skins, and features to get you started? Otherwise, register your interest at the Oculus Event page here.


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