POPULATION: ONE 'Super Advanced War Mode' Launches Tomorrow For 10 Days ONLY

POPULATION: ONE 'Super Advanced War Mode' Launches Tomorrow For 10 Days ONLY

Developer Big Box VR have announced a new time-limited mode will drop tomorrow for only 10 days, building on new mechanics introduced as part of the Season 1 event.

The 'Super Advanced War Mode' (nice name, by the way) will build on two of the time-limited game modes that came before it: the 'War Mode' and the 'Advanced War Mode'.

POPULATION: ONE developed Big Box VR has announced that a new time-limited game mode will launch tomorrow. Sadly, it'll be around for only ten days, available between the 12th of March and the 22nd of March at midday.

The name, which many fans thought was a troll when it was announced today, is obviously a reference to the 'War Mode' and the 'Advanced War Mode', two other time-limited game modes released last year. These two modes turned the game into a 9-player team based TDM while maintaining some key battle royale features.

The real difference between the SUPER War Mode and the other War Modes is that players will be placed even further away from one another when they spawn.

The game mode will build on the new mechanics introduced in the Season 1: Uprising event which launched late last month. Uprising introduced a number of new skins, weapons and map updates. However, it also introduced - for the first time - melee weapons into the game. Expect some mad melee action when Super Advanced War Mode tomorrow!

Best of all, the new time-limited mode isn't limited to only Battle Pass players, anyone can take part! Register your interest now to be notified as soon as it is live! In the meantime, be sure to grab POPULATION: ONE now to get into the action.


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