POPULATION: ONE Season 2 Event Launching NEXT WEEK: Dual-Wielding, Matadors & Much More

Population: One Season 2: 'The Frontier' will launch next week, on May 13. The update will deliver Dual-Wielding, Matadors, Gunslingers, and more!

POPULATION: ONE Season 2 Event Launching NEXT WEEK: Dual-Wielding, Matadors & Much More

Population One Season 2: The Frontier will launch May 13 with Dual-Wielding, Matadors, and more!

New POPULATION: ONE Season 2 Trailer

Well... that was quick.

Developer Big Box VR has released a second trailer for their Season 2 event, titled 'The Frontier'.

It was only one week ago we reported that the POPULATION: ONE Season 2 event would be releasing later this month, titled 'The Frontier'. With it, we now have an idea of what new features it will bring to the game:

Everything we know about 'The Frontier' so far

Of course, when the first trailer dropped, we did not get much. All we had was the promise of "a vast new destination on the map", the promise of new features, and some pretty on-the-nose hints that it would be vaguely Wild West-related.

I mean, with the vaguely obscured cactuses at the end - not to mention the obnoxiously large spurs that would make late 60s Clint Eastwood jealous - was there really any question?

If you don't believe me, check the first trailer out for yourself:

We now know that Season 2's big addition will be dual-wielding, much like Season 1: Uprising brought melee combat into the fold. I suppose the new character skin will be the Matador, and as for new weapons, it doesn't look like we have seen those pistols before.

So, there we have it. The POPULATION: ONE Season 2 event: 'The Frontier' will launch next week, on the 13th of May 2021. Are you excited to get your hands on not one, but TWO weapons at a time? Let us know!

That's only next week, so not long to wait. If you are looking for something to bridge the gap, why not check out the new VR tabletop RPG from Resolution Games that launched today?