Population: One Season 2 Event Announced: Welcome to 'The Frontier'

Population: One Season 2 Event Announced: Welcome to 'The Frontier'

Big Box VR have revealed the first details about the Population: One Season 2 Event, which will be titled 'The Frontier' with a Wild West theme.

POPULATION: ONE developer Big Box VR has revealed the first details about the upcoming Season 2 Event. It will be titled 'The Frontier' and be focused around a Wild West theme.

We do not know very much about it so far, except that it will reveal "a vast new destination on the map" and promises a bunch of new features. What exactly these features and items are is currently unknown.

We can also suppose that 'The Frontier' will have a Wild West theme, and not just because of the name. Stepping off the train is an individual with perhaps the most stereotypical boots with spurs I have ever seen. If that doesn't scream "cowboys" to you, I don't know what will.

Here's hoping that the exclusive item is a big iron on your hip.

After that, all we know is that we will see The Frontier next month. I am excited to hear some more details revealed over the next few weeks!

The Season 1 Event, titled 'Uprising', brought a bunch of new features when it launched back in February. Included in the event were melee mechanics, map updates, new items, and new social features.

It also released with a new weapon - the Light Machine Gun -  a new support weapon to match the new character skin, 'Brood'.

Well, that's the second-best news we have had this week. The first involves the VIVECON 2021 event slated to take place next month: we could hear about MULTIPLE new HTC Vive headsets, including the long-awaited HTC Vive All-In-One (A.I.O.)


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