PlayStation Camera adaptor to come bundled with new Iron Man PS VR bundles later this year

PlayStation Camera adaptor to come bundled with new Iron Man PS VR bundles later this year

If you are a late adopter of the PS VR headset you won’t have to jump through any hoops to make sure that you can play your PS VR games on the new PS5. Sony has confirmed that the Iron Man PS VR headset bundle will come with a camera adaptor as standard in the US and Canada.

Elsewhere, PlayStation Europe have also confirmed that the adaptor will come as standard in all future PS VR starter packs from late November. The adaptor was already being bundled with the headset in Japan from early October.

You need this adaptor to connect your old PlayStation Camera into the new PS5. The new HD Camera designed for the system does not work for VR tracking. If you already own a PS VR headset you can simply request an adaptor online and it will be sent to you free of charge.

This an unfortunate workaround and confusing system for a new game console. It’s clear that VR is not the top priority for the company, but it would have been good to see some more consideration for what is a sizeable user base of the headset.

There are a few bright spots when it comes to PS VR on the PS5. The improved power of the new console can, in some cases, boost the performance of VR titles. If the game meets a few specific requirements, the games could benefit from  a higher resolution, framerates of up to 90FPS, high detail assets, and improved textures. Certain games have already announced that they will perform better on the PS5; Blood & Truth and Firewall: Zero Hour to name a few.

Unfortunately, games that release as PS5 games will not receive VR support. Hitman 3, and No Mans Sky for the PS4 have full VR support while their PS5 versions have axed that feature completely.


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Andrew Boggs

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