Pistol Whip developers hint at their next campaign

Pistol Whip developers hint at their next campaign

Cloudhead Games’ wildly popular rhythm-based VR shooter, Pistol Whip, may have a new campaign set in the Wild West. At the Game Developers Conference, Cloudhead Games CEO, Denny Unger, spoke at the GDC Showcase: Future of Gaming webinar.

In the session, he hinted at the next campaign mode for Pistol Whip.

Unger began his tease for future updates by speaking about the success of their first campaign mode for Pistol Whip.

“Back in December of 2020 we launched the first cinematic campaign for Pistol Whip. It was called 2089 and it was set in the future. It had a very, kind of, snappy story mode, tying it all together. Five scenes, new weapons, new modifiers, a boss battle, and it was really well received. People were really happy with the work the studio did and I’m so proud of the team for building that.”

Unger went on to speak about the teams upcoming campaign for Pistol Whip:

“We’re working on another one, no surprise there. Again, five scenes, new modifiers, new weapons, new bosses. And it takes us into the past. It revolves around the past and it’s gonna be a wild ride and you can infer whatever you want from that.”

It looks like this one is going to be set in the Wild West. In the clip, Unger motions with his hands like he is holding the reins, he also put on a stereotypical cowboy movie accent when he said, “wild ride”. It is not fully confirmed but it seems likely that the next campaign is taking us to the West.

Unger also went on to talk about Cloudheads plans for the future of Pistol Whip after the next campaign:

“But we’re also working on Concierge which is a system that dives really deep into modifiers. And making Pistol Whip an even more accessible experience to, like, a whole ton of different ways of playing the game. So, we have so much more to push into Pistol Whip over the next year and likely beyond that.”


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Andrew Boggs

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