PC VR Shooter 'Contractors' Has Launched on the Oculus Store for Quest

PC VR Shooter 'Contractors' Has Launched on the Oculus Store for Quest

Virtual reality FPS Contractors, which launched for PC VR headsets back in 2018, has finally dropped on the Oculus Store alongside a Quest Launch Trailer.

While you wait for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond's groundbreaking new VR multiplayer to launch, here's some news that may interest you: Caveman Studio's competitive VR FPS Contractors has just launched on the Oculus Store for Quest.

Contracts is a virtual reality first-person shooter. While it does contain a series of eight co-op missions for up to four players (with a promise of more to come), the main attraction here is the team-based competitive multiplayer. The game features a number of objective-based game modes, with an emphasis on immersion and fluid movement:

Experience the next level virtual welfare with hardcore controls, lethal weapons, customizable load-outs, and intense firefights.

However, with a Quest port comes an obvious graphical downgrade. Caveman Studios have assured fans that no gameplay features were sacrificed, but sadly the same cannot be said for the graphics.

That being said, it isn't too noticeable in-game and it certainly doesn't take away from the gameplay. However, it does pose the question: will Quest 2 ports continue to stagnate graphically as PC VR titles seem to look better and better?

The Quest version features all the same gameplay features, but sacrifices graphical fidelity. That being said, it's not too distracting in-game. (Credit: Caveman Studios)

The Quest version also doesn't immediately include the facility to use mod features in the game - meaning players will not be able to make their own modes, maps, and weapons loud-outs from launch.

Contractors VR (often styled as CONTRACTOR$) has spent about six months in SideQuest, but is officially available now from the Oculus Store for Quest for $20 - a bundle which includes cross-buy with the Rift version.


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