Pavlov Shack Overview

Pavlov Shack Overview

Now that Pavlov Shack is finally on the App Lab, we figured it was time to give all of you so info on what you are missing out on. The game has seen some major improvements since its initial release on SideQuest back in the day. But it is far from finished and there are plenty of quality of life upgrades needed before the game can come out of beta.

Pavlov Shack is the paired down version of the wildly popular multiplayer PC VR shooter. It was already available on the SideQuest app store and is one of the most popular games on the site with over 370,000 downloads.

Pavlov plays a lot like CS:GO, it’s a very fast-paced shooter that requires quick reflexes, careful aiming, and real skill to have much success. According to the Store page, it includes 4v4 competitive and social game modes.

Now that it has reached the App Lab, there are some serious improvements to the UI. The start up screen is no longer grey and basic, instead we have a much more detailed and engaging 3D background. The start menu has a cleaner feel to it and the server set up is a lot easier.

They have improved the TTT experience as well as updated their co-operative zombie modes. The App lab version of the game has had a very successful launch. For a Beta on a relatively inaccessible App Store, they have done well to reach over 3000 concurrent players.

They won’t be releasing the game for the original PS VR, instead they are planning to launch it with the updated PS VR 2 headset for the PS5.

The game will also feature cross platform play for the Quest and the PS VR 2. Unfortunately Quest users will not be able to play with PC VR users. The paired down version is not compatible.

With the release of the public beta, we also have news that the full Oculus Quest version of the game will retail for $24 USD. They also announced that this price will be the standard for all platforms.


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