Pavlov Shack heading to the Quest App Lab

Pavlov Shack heading to the Quest App Lab

Pavlov Shack, the Quest version of the PC VR game Pavlov, is in the final approval stages of review for an App Lab release. Last month, the team behind the free version of the game on SideQuest announced that they were beginning the process of App Lab approval. Now, after confirmation on the games Discord server, we know that it is coming soon.

Pavlov Shack is the paired down version of the wildly popular multiplayer PC VR shooter. It is already available on the SideQuest app store and is one of the most popular games on the site with over 370,000 downloads. The game will never reach the heights of its PC VR big brother but it is a welcome addition to the gamut of FPS titles on the Quest.

On the games Discord server, a moderator wrote: “Oculus has given feedback on Pavlov and there are only a few small issues they want fixed, and then it’ll be up to Oculus standards and on its way to applabs. Devs are already working on the issues and will hopefully be done in the next few days.”

In a tweet following the launch of the App Lab service, Pavlov Shack developer davevillz confirmed their plans: “Yes, build 24 of Pavlov Shack will be released in App Lab soon(tm) and continue development as a free game. Final store release date and price is to be decided in the long term.

“We haven't submited in a long time to the store so is technically our choice not to be in there. However now with App Lab we are not pressure to have a QA passable build anymore, we will take as long as it needs before we ask for player money.”

We are looking forward to the App Lab release of the game. Hopefully this means that we are one step closer to getting a fully fleshed out Pavlov on the Quest hardware.


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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