Oculus Virtual Reality Devices to require a Facebook Login

Oculus Virtual Reality Devices to require a Facebook Login

When Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014, speculations surfaced about the possibility of a compulsory Facebook login in line with the new development. However, this speculation seemed to have died when the founder of Oculus, Palmer Lucky said it was never going to happen. About Six years down the line, Facebook has finally brought this nightmare to reality. The announcement on the 19th of August threw the relatively small VR community into a frenzy as most of the users are displeased with the development. Users took their outburst to social media, posting all sorts of derogatory pictures, memes, and videos suggesting that Oculus is headed for their doom.

Oculus has made it known that all their future devices will require a Facebook login for activation and all presently running separate accounts will stop running from 2023. This new feature will be implemented from October this year. This new change will not affect Oculus for Business Customers as they are more stable than consumers. The uproar is largely from the fraction of users who do not have a Facebook account due to their dislike for the platform. Such a change will require that they open a new account to use Oculus devices. Some other people are against it because they feel that Facebook has a poor privacy policy and they would rather have their information safe. However, these data are already likely in Facebook’s custody as they can access the data put in for the purchase of any Oculus software.

Some users have already begun suggesting other headset options for themselves as it is also on record that Oculus security policies have been questioned before. The VR industry is a very small one and enthusiasts suspect that this development could cause it to shrink further. Oculus has made tremendous success in the industry due to the quality of its hardware and software experience however, this controversy is being leveraged by competitors and this could be bad for the company. The only ray of light in this regard is that most users already use the Facebook login option.


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