Oculus Venues: Merging a Social Media Platform with Virtual Reality

Oculus Venues: Merging a Social Media Platform with Virtual Reality

Oculus Venues: Merging a Social Media Platform with Virtual Reality

In 2018, Oculus Venues launched its Go and Gear VR and partnered with the social media platform, Facebook. It required its participants to use their Facebook account to gain access to the Oculus VR platform and take part in its live events in VR.

Now Facebook has confirmed that there is an Oculus Venues revamp, which has new features that users should watch out for. They have been testing a “new and improved version” of its Venues software with a limited group on Oculus Quest.

New Features

According to a Facebook spokesperson, “The new Venues experience places a stronger emphasis on social interaction, including a lobby where you can meet up with friends and fans, as well as more social features. We’ll continue rolling this out in the coming weeks and will have more to share soon.”

Based on the newly leaked screenshots of the VR platform, Venues will be providing a hub so that VR users can visit different broadcasts. They are also taking a step away from the original Oculus avatar system.

The avatars have a more cartoonish, similar to what is used in Facebook Horizons. Horizons is also the latest social VR app that Facebook is planning to release this 2020.

Oculus Venues vs. Mozilla Hubs

With the introduction of VR social media, social interaction is taking on a new and innovative direction. That’s why aside from Oculus Venues, you also have key contenders such as Mozilla Hubs. The difference between the two is that with the latter, you won’t need a Facebook account to register and it allows the use of every single Mixed Reality headset. It is also an online social space where you can step into Virtual rooms or build one yourself -- all from within your browser. When it comes to Oculus Venues, however, the use of Facebook opens more possibilities of being accessible for many people.

Using all of these VR platforms, it paves the way for more creative methods of communication and interaction using technology. If you want to know what to expect with the Oculus Venues, check out this link here.