Oculus Quest to get multi-user accounts and app sharing in February

Oculus Quest to get multi-user accounts and app sharing in February

Facebook have announced that multi-user accounts and app sharing between accounts will be available on Oculus Quest headsets starting in February.

Facebook claims that they are the most requested features from Quest users. The two new updates work together. From next month, multiple users will be able to log in to a single headset. Much like accounts on consoles like the PS4 there will still have to be a primary user account.

The primary user account will be able to set up app sharing on their account. This will allow secondary accounts on the device the ability to access apps and purchases made on the primary account. If you share a Quest or want to let your kids play along and make their own progress, this allows for multiple users to play through a game or experience with their own save files and achievements.

Unfortunately, all of these accounts, even the secondary ones, will require a Facebook login. App sharing also only works on one headset. This means that a secondary account will have access to app and experiences purchased by the primary account on one headset but if they migrate to a second headset, they will lose access the apps. It also does not work in reverse; the primary account does not have access to purchases made on secondary accounts.

All new apps submitted to the Oculus Store from February 13thwill have to have app sharing supported. All current apps will be automatically opted in for app sharing from February 13th, but they have until February 12th to opt out for “contractual or other reasons”.

Virtual Panda did a great video covering this topic.

These new features will have a slow roll out over the next month and first become available as experimental upgrades. If you opt into the experimental upgrades you will be able to activate a single primary account as well as three other secondary accounts.


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