Oculus Quest Pro teased by Facebook's Bosworth during Instagram AMA

Oculus Quest Pro teased by Facebook's Bosworth during Instagram AMA

During one of his fan favourite Instagram AMAs (or Q&As), Facebook's Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality hinted at the possibility of Oculus Quest Pro.

The "Quest Pro" could be an advanced version of the Quest 2, priced at around $600 with massively increased technical capabilities.

While some consider Facebook-Oculus the villains of virtual reality - even if John Carmack doesn't seem to think so - the social media antics of Facebook's VP of Augmented and Virtual Reality, Andrew 'Boz' Bosworth, have been something of a light in the darkness.

Earlier this month, in a similar Instagram AMA, Bosworth took questions from fans that revealed that Facebook was working on Oculus Quest 2 120Hz refresh rate.

Yesterday, a fan asked:

"Why can't Oculus make a $600 headset and put the best specs like Quest Pro 3 etc plz."

In response, Bosworth said: "Quest Pro... huh... interesting..." with a wink to the camera.

One shouldn't take this news to be an official confirmation of an Oculus Quest 2 Pro arriving anytime soon. That being said, it was certainly a leading response.

Last month, we learned that Bosworth had stated his intention - internally and in public - to change the way Facebook handles privacy. As head of Facebook Reality Labs, Boz is certainly in the know about all the big developments. If they were thinking about a Quest Pro, we'd certainly know about it!

Bosworth was also asked if "Facebook is considering offering facial recognition on its smart glasses products?," to which Bosworth simply responded: "we're looking at it."

“It’s really a debate we need to have with the public. If people don’t want this technology, we don’t have to supply it. The product is going to be fine either way. There are some nice use cases out there, if it’s something people are comfortable with."


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