Oculus Quest is getting the VR Fitness app HoloFit

Oculus Quest is getting the VR Fitness app HoloFit

The VR workout app Holofit has recently been listed on the Oculus Store. The subscription based fitness and workout service is now the second app on the Oculus store to operate with a subscription. The first, Supernatural, released earlier this year.

Supernatural occupies a fairly uninviting niche. It is a clone of Beat Saber that costs around $20 a month to play. For a premium service to simply clone an existing game and add some workout tracking options does not make it particularly appealing. Holofit, on the other hand, is an entirely different beast.

Holofit allows users to pair their headsets with various pieces of traditional workout equipment or simply use their bodyweight. You could use an elliptical, a stationary bike, or even a rowing machine to take part in over 100 different workouts. Once you have paired the headset with the motions of the device and chosen your selected workout, the app can transport you to different virtual locations and allow you to workout in them.

According to the apps Oculus Store page you could:

“Work out in Paris, Antarctica, Babylon, Snowy Mountains, Tropical, Saturn, Aiguebelette, Cambridge, San Francisco, Underwater, and the amazing world of Troglodytes!”

While you work out, the app will track your progress and will generate new objectives and fitness markers on the fly to tailor your workout to meet our needs. Like every workout app that mixes videogames with fitness, they have a very techy and wordy aim for their product:

“Gamify your cardio. Take advantage of the competitive human nature that makes you come back for more.”

Subscriptions to the services start at around $12 a month or $130 per year. They have also released a companion app for smartphones that allow users to track their fitness data outside of the game.


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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