You can now cast your Quest 2 to your PC via your Browser

You can now cast your Quest 2 to your PC via your Browser

Previously, Oculus users would either need to have had a cast-enabled television or be content casting to their phone. Now, users can cast footage to their PC using their browser of choice.

Playing your Quest while in company can be a super awkward experience. It's just like forcing your friends to sit and watch you play a single player game while you refuse to switch to a multiplayer one. In fact, it's even worse than that. When you're in a VR headset, they can't even see what you're doing.

Unless you had a cast-enabled television or forced your friends to stare at your phone, they'd be completely oblivious to the world inside your headset. And even if you did, the quality was poor, choppy and cut out all too often. Even worse, you'd also often have to put up with a lengthy delay. In other words, it was basically useless.

However, after a recent software patch, Facebook-Oculus have just made the process of casting far easier and far more versatile. Not only that, there aren't nearly so many quality trade-offs as before. All you need to do is go to via your browser of choice and follow the instructions.

Even better, next year Oculus plan to release a 'Spectator Mode' for their mobile app. Say what you will about Facebook-Oculus, bet these features just continue to get better and better. Of course, being Facebook-Oculus, they will need to log into your Facebook account in that browser to do so.

For more information, here's an awesome video by SteveKnows with a few more details about the new Oculus casting feature. After all, if anyone knows about Oculus casting, Steve Knows.

Just in time, too. There are certain games I wouldn't even bother to brave myself. If you're looking for a scary game recommendation, why not take a look at our review for Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition?


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