'VR Cover' for Oculus Quest 2 Available Now

'VR Cover' for Oculus Quest 2 Available Now

Starting to feel a bit greasy while you play your new Quest? Don't worry - VR Cover are here to save the day.

In September, a number of Quest 2 comfort accessories were revealed alongside the new headset. One of which, the VR Cover, has just released and is available now.

The VR Cover has been the go-to comfort and hygiene insert for Quest users since it first released in 2014. VR Cover became an official product partner with Oculus this time around, offering a VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set. However, a month after release, these still aren't available yet.

The VR Cover foam insert looks comfortable and oh so clean. (Credit: Facebook-Oculus)

So, in the meantime, VR Cover are offering a less expensive comfort and hygiene insert option. Both a silicone variant and fabric variant are available, priced at $14 and $19 respectively.

They are easy to install, have elastic straps and are fully adjustable so you can ensure your insert has the most comfortable fit. The VR Cover is machine-washable and reusable.

It also comes in a pack of two, so while one is in the laundry the other will make sure you don't need to stop playing your favourite VR titles. Games like Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge have had us hooked this week, so that is a major plus.

Almost a month after the Quest 2 shipped, there aren't a lot of options for comfort or hygiene inserts. If you've found that your headset is getting a little dirtier, greasier or slimier than you had anticipated, VR Cover is a great choice to improve your overall VR experience.

Although the Silicone Cover seems to be sold out, it's worth keeping an eye on in the future. (Credit: VR Cover)

The Oculus Quest 2 VR Covers are available now from the official VR Cover website. Also available is the Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest 2, although it currently seems to have sold out.


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