Pre-Orders for Oculus Quest 2 Comfort Accessories Open Now

Earlier this month, the Oculus Quest 2 was revealed at Facebook Connect. Pre-orders have now opened for the first of its accessories.

Pre-Orders for Oculus Quest 2 Comfort Accessories Open Now

The sequel to the Oculus Quest, the Quest 2, was revealed earlier this month at Facebook Connect. Since rumours started circulating, much has been made of the headset’s emphasis on comfort and immersion – the Quest 2 is 10% lighter and comes fitted with soft-touch fabric head straps. But the headset was also said to “support a new line of optional" add-ons to bring comfort to the next level. Now, pre-orders have opened for the first of these accessories.

The VR Cover is a customisable facial interface and foam replacement set designed to increase “hygiene, comfort and immersion.” Although the VR Cover has been popular among Quest users for years, the Quest 2 interface includes “vents added along the top to maintain good air circulation and reduce the build-up of heat and moisture that can fog up the lenses.” Two versions of the foam insert will be included – ‘standard’ and ‘comfort’. Pre-orders for the VR Cover are open now, priced at $29.

The VR Cover will increase hygiene, comfort, ventilation and immersion. (Credit: Facebook/Oculus)

The Elite Strap was also unveiled last week. First impressions of the Quest 2 show us that although comfort was addressed, the weight of the device still sometimes seems to cause issues. The Elite Strap is intended to fix this problem. Armed with a plastic arm to better bare the Quest 2’s weight, the Elite Strap also features a dial at the back to form the perfect fit on your head. The Elite Strap is available now for pre-orders at a price of $49. Facebook is also releasing another version with a battery pack and a carry case for $129.

The Elite Strap helps bare the load of the Quest 2, which can feel heavy even with a 10% weight reduction. (Credit: Facebook/Oculus)

With these accessories at the forefront of Facebook’s approach to the Quest 2, its clear comfort is still king in creating their most immersive VR experience yet. Just as well because I can foresee myself spending a lot of time playing these Quest exclusives!