User successfully jailbreaks Quest 2, gets $10,000 reward

In a tweet, Robert Long announced that he was offering a $5000 reward for anyone able to jailbreak the Quest 2, which was then matched by Oculus' founder.

User successfully jailbreaks Quest 2, gets $10,000 reward

Last week, we reported that the Quest 2 was facing some serious technical issues - namely, the now-mandated Facebook account system was bricking some Quest 2 units. Ouch.

The controversy around the Quest's Facebook account requirements is months old and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Earlier this month, we reported that a report from the House of Representatives suggested the Facebook login requirement qualified as anti-competitive behaviour.

Robert Long, a senior software engineer at Mozilla, last week took his frustration with Facebook a step further. In a tweet, Long announced that he was offering a $5000 reward for anyone able to jailbreak the Quest 2 system.

Long had originally offered the $5000 to anyone able to jailbreak the original Oculus but no one came forward to announce their success.

Then, in a shocking turn of events, Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey tweeted that he would match Long's $5000 bounty. He also suggested crowdfunding more money to have an even higher monetary reward for the lucky hacker.

But that might not be necessary. Last weekend, Long announced on his Discord server that "a user has claimed to have successfully obtained root access on the Oculus Quest 2." Long announced that had "directed them to a team of security and legal professionals who can evaluate this claim and determine how to responsibly publish these findings."

Long concluded: "Don't pressure users for more information. This is a delicate process, and we want to ensure that all parties are safe and responsible."

Sorry to any budding hackers out there, you may be out of luck. However, it may turn out that the claimant isn't genuine, so I'd keep an eye on Long's twitter until everything is confirmed.

And until the jailbreak can set Oculus 2 users free, you'll just need to stick with using the Quest 2 as is. Lucky for you, Quest-exclusive Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge VR is set to release very soon and it looks amazing.