Oculus Facebook account requirement is here

Oculus Facebook account requirement is here

This week Facebook is rolling out their new Facebook login requirements. All first-time sign ins to Oculus devices will now require users to create or link a Facebook account.

Previously, all owners of Oculus Go, Quest, and Rift devices could create their own unique Oculus accounts separate from the parent companies’ social media site. Earlier this year, in August, Facebook announced that they would be switching the requirements for new sign ins to their social media accounts in October. If you manage to get your hands on a Quest 2 there is no option to create an Oculus account.

If you already own an older Oculus device and use an Oculus account, you will still be able to do so until January 2023. After this point any users who still login with an Oculus account will lose access to certain features, Facebook have yet to announce the specific features that will be restricted.

In the blog post outlining the changes, Facebook confirms that when you sign up with their social media account, you can keep your personal information private from other users and maintain a separate handle on your Oculus device,

“For many people, having a distinct VR username and friends separate from Facebook is important. This isn’t changing. You can still create or maintain a unique VR profile—so you might be Monique Smith on Facebook, but WarriorMama365 in VR (even in experiences like Facebook Horizon). And if you don’t want your Oculus friends to find you by your Facebook name, they won’t—just make it visible to ‘Only Me’ in your Oculus settings.”

This is all well and good, but the issue still remains that Facebook is effectively forcing Oculus users to take part in a separate service. The information may be private from other users, but how private is it from Facebook? VRFinal has previously reported that the actions taken on the part of Facebook could potentially violate anti-trust laws, their consolidation of their products seems like an attempt to force more users on Facebook to profit from their data.


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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