Oculus 20.0 Releases for Quest and PC

Oculus 20.0 Releases for Quest and PC

Oculus released a set of updates on August 21st in the form of build 20.0 for both Quest and PC setups. A full list of release notes going back to July 2019 is available on the Oculus website. There aren’t any major drops this time around, but there are still a few changes worth mentioning.

Quest VR users will only notice a few minor adjustments. The unintuitive party mute system has been tweaked to allow for more personal settings. Before the update, muting another member on your own headset would also mute them for the entire group.

Once you install build 20.0, you’ll have control over your own mute settings without affecting anyone else’s. 20.0 also addressed a bug that “caused audio to stop when a Touch controller was disconnected in some apps and experiences.”

Things are a little more interesting on the PC side. The build provides image stabilization for in-VR recordings, preventing quick motions from negatively impacting stream quality. At this point, it’s tough to speculate on whether image stabilization will eventually arrive on Quest.

The PC release notes also refer to improved head tracking stability. Make sure to test out the new update if you’ve had any issues with tracking.

Like the Quest update, the PC update also came with a small change: you can now remove the ‘Activate Oculus Link’ modal. Even if you remove it, you’ll still be able to turn on Oculus Link at any time under Quick Actions in Settings.

This news comes on the heels of Oculus’ recent announcement regarding Facebook logins. While users can currently sign in with an Oculus account, Oculus will require users to sign into a Facebook account in order to access the device’s full functionality starting in 2023.

Issues with tracking on the Oculus Rift S aren’t exactly a new phenomenon, so hopefully this update will offer a fix for users who have experienced these problems. Let us know in the comments if you noticed a difference after installing build 20.0.